Intelligent patient profiling

A rich, yet intuitive, patient profile provides a powerful foundation for your conversation with the patient

Online reputation building

Feedback from patients is collected automatically and used to strengthen your online reputation 

Automatic progress monitoring

Monitor progress through reports and industry benchmark on patient satisfaction and online reputation

Easy to use. Advanced insight. Get started in no time.

Increase treatment uptake
Using the intelligent patient profiler in your conversation with patients increases treatment uptake significantly

Improve online reputation
Build your online reputation automatically by responding systematically to your patients' needs and concerns

Monitor progress
Advanced reports and industry benchmarks gives you easy overview of your progress

We have received very positive feedback from our patients. When we meet them, we know quite
specifically, whether it is the sound of the drill bit or being trapped in the chair that makes them
uncomfortable. We are facing some things that we otherwise would not have turned
— Kasper Thomsen, Owner of Skibby Dental Clinic

Collaborating with the world's best

We work together with great partners, contributors and integrators to supply a great product

PI Dental is intuitive and easy to use

Patient spends 2 minutes 

Get patient information

The patient receives a questionnaire before their appointment which collects key information and generates the intelligent patient profile

Dentist spends 15 seconds

Great patient conversation

The patient profile provides in-depth understanding of the patient that the dentist can use to provide better and more personalised care

Patient spends 2 minutes

Feedback and online reviews

After the visit, the patient rates their experience and provides feedback that the system uses to build online repuation automatically